Harlan Slip & Fall


In Harlan County, Kentucky, operators of business and other premises open to the public are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for the people who visit them. Unfortunately, some cut corners when it comes to cleaning up spills, removing snow and ice, fixing sidewalk cracks, and alerting the public to potential hazards. While injuries sustained as a result of this kind of negligence are often covered by property insurers, the insurance companies can be difficult to negotiate with, and will likely fight to avoid paying complete compensation to cover your pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages.

A skilled personal injury attorney with experience handling premise liability cases can help you pursue justice for your slip and fall injuries. Serving all of Harlan County, KY, for more than 20 years, the personal injury lawyers of Freeman, Childers & Howard, Attorneys at Law, are ready to go to work for you. We offer free initial consultations for all slip and fall accident cases, so it costs you nothing to speak to a knowledgeable premise liability lawyer about your options.

Spare yourself the hassle of negotiating with insurance companies

Property insurance companies will often try to settle premise liability cases early on, putting pressure on you to accept a "one-time" settlement offer. The problem with these settlement offers is that they seldom take into account the complete toll a trip and fall injury can take on your health, happiness, and finances. By accepting an early settlement, you may be waiving your right to pursue additional compensation in the future.

It is wise to have your case reviewed by an experienced trip and fall injury attorney before conducting business with the insurance companies. At Freeman, Childers & Howard, you'll receive a free case evaluation from one of our knowledgeable trip and fall injury lawyers, so you have nothing to lose by consulting with an attorney before accepting an offer from the insurance company.

Legal representation for victims of slip and fall accidents

When you've been injured in a slip and fall accident, the hassle of dealing with the insurance companies on your own can make a stressful situation even worse. Let us take some of the burden off your shoulders. When you retain the services of one of our slip and fall attorneys, we'll act as your representatives to the insurance companies, and take the case to trial if necessary. Our client-centered approach to premise liability law has made us one of the most trusted personal injury firms serving Harlan, KY.

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