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Have you sustained an injury or other medical condition as a result of poor medical practice? Has your loved one suffered neglect in a nursing home or care facility? Have you received a defective knee replacement, hip replacement or other medical implant?

When you see a doctor for any medical concern, you are putting your trust in their expertise as trained professionals. But malpractice and defective medical devices can quickly result in greater physical harm. Injuries sustained due to medical malpractice can have lasting effects on your quality of life, and can cost you a great deal in medical bills. Lost wages as a result of time off from work spent healing from your injuries can add to the financial distress caused by malpractice.

At Freeman, Childers & Howard, Attorneys at Law, our experienced malpractice lawyers represent clients in Barbourville and throughout Knox County, Kentucky. We offer free consultations for medical malpractice cases, and are ready to help you pursue fair compensation for your personal injury.

Defective medical devices

In recent years, high-profile lawsuits have brought the issue of defective medical devices into public consciousness. Hip replacements, knee replacements, vaginal mesh implants, and other surgical implants have been known to have serious defects, resulting in harm to the patients who receive them. The resulting medical care to reverse some of the damage done by defective medical devices can be costly, and the long-term effects of these injuries can leave you permanently disabled, affecting your means of making a living well into the future.

Insurance companies representing doctors and manufacturers of medical implants can be difficult to negotiate with, and will often fight to avoid paying fair compensation for injuries. A skilled Barbourville medical malpractice attorney can help you pursue fair compensation from the insurance companies to cover your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Nursing home negligence

Few things can be as heartbreaking as discovering that a loved one has been neglected in a skilled nursing facility or retirement home. Nursing home negligence is surprisingly common, and its effects can be devastating. If your loved one has received negligent care in a nursing home, a Barbourville malpractice lawyer can help you pursue justice. At Freeman, Childers & Howard, Attorneys at Law, we represent clients in Barbourville and throughout Knox County, KY who have suffered nursing home negligence. We offer free consultations in all personal injury cases, and are ready to go to work for your loved one.

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