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What do I need to prove to win a slip-and-fall injury claim?

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | Slip And Falls

You shouldn’t have to worry about getting hurt when out in public because the business that you visit is unsafe. Any space open to the public, whether it is an apartment building or a hair salon, should have facilities that meet the building code. Frequent cleaning and facility maintenance is also crucial to keep the space safe for visitors and employees.

If you fell and got hurt while out in public, you may feel embarrassed. You may also be angry about the fact that someone else’s bad decisions have had such a major impact on your life. Pursuing a premises liability claim because of your slip and fall could be an option. You might receive compensation from an insurance company or even have grounds to take the business or property owner to civil court.

What do you need to prove to make a successful slip-and-fall claim after getting hurt on someone else’s property?

You need to prove there were actual losses

For an insurance company to pay a claim or for the courts to award you damages, you will need clear proof that you suffered a financial loss. If you smashed your brand new phone, there could be property damage losses to claim.

However, most slip-and-fall scenarios primarily lead to medical expenses. You may have required hospitalization if you broke a bone or suffered a concussion. You can also potentially request compensation for lost wages that stem from your injuries.

You need to show negligence

For the courts to hold a business or property owner financially responsible for someone else’s injuries, the person asking for compensation will need evidence of negligence. Video of a large spill that caused you to slip could help you convince the courts of negligence. So could information about a leak in the roof or other issues that cleaning or appropriate repairs would have minimized.

Typically, individuals hurt in slip-and-fall scenarios have the best claims when they notify the business about the injury before leaving the premises. That way, there will be internal records at the company affirming that someone did slip if they later get diagnosed with a serious injury at a medical facility.

Understanding what you have to prove and evaluating your case will help you determine if you can bring a slip-and-fall claim against a business or property owner.