"When people have been injured, they need someone to get to work for them and that's what we do."
– Attorney Brad Freeman

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Learn About Our Past Verdicts And Settlements

Freeman Childers, as a law firm, has worked diligently to secure appropriate settlements for our clients. You should rest assured that we approach every case with the same level of skill and determination and we offer this small sample of historic settlements as proof of that skill and determination.

$8,025,000 Settlement

Highway crash

$5,100,000 Verdict

Serious back injury to ATV rider struck by vehicle.

$4,000,000 Jury Verdict

Nursing home and physician negligence from failure to properly monitor medications resulting in a poisoning death of a 36 year old lady.

$2,100,000 Judgement

Burn injuries while assisting auto repair, resulting in severe facial burns.

$1,588,000 Judgement

Automobile accident resulting in death of 26 year old man who was employed at the time of his death.

$1,550,000 Settlement

Malpractice case involving a misdiagnosis and unnecessary surgery.

$1,300,000 Settlement

Utility truck pulled into plaintiffs’ path resulting in multiple broken bones, facial and internal injuries.

$1,100,000 Settlement

Nursing malpractice involving improper administration of medication resulting in a poisoning death of infant child.

$1,020,000 Settlement

Injuries from tree falling onto car on highway resulting in skull and neck fracture and paralysis from chest down.

$1,000,000 Settlement

Trucking accident – Truck improperly stopped in the roadway.

$1,000,000 Settlement

Medical Malpractice – Incorrect cancer diagnosis.

$840,000 Settlement

80+ year old Plaintiff was misdiagnosed and her condition was not treated resulting in blindness.

$780,000 Jury Verdict

Fall injuries from product liability involving defective roof truss, resulting in serious injuries to son and death of father.

$775,000 Settlement

School bus driver ran over his 5 year old passenger causing serious internal injuries and leg injury.

$750,000 Settlement

Landowners rotten tree falls resulting in death.

$725,000 Settlement

Hospital negligence causes pressure sores leading to death of an elderly woman.

$500,000 Settlement

Medical malpractice claim involving epidural injection resulting in serious brain injury.

$500,000 Settlement

Pediatrician failed to treat recurrent infection  resulting in the child’s death.

$500,000 Settlement

Suicide death caused by negligent withdrawal of lithium by psychiatrist.

$450,000 Settlement

Product liability involving defective gun resulting in blindness in one eye.

$430,000 Jury Verdict

Apartment complex damage claim based on fire loss caused by  negligence of fire department.

$417,500 Jury Verdict

Medical malpractice involving sponge left in body for over 8 years causing multiple health problems.

$400,000 Settlement

Hospital negligence involving failure to supervise patients resulting in a child being sexually assaulted.

$400,000 Settlement

Hospital negligence causing bed sore which resulted in death of 80 year old patient.

$315,000 Settlement

Serious neck injuries from auto accident resulting in neck surgery.

$300,000 Settlement

Medical negligence involving anal surgery resulting in permanent incontinence.

$300,000 Settlement

Utility company negligence resulting in severe burns to the body.

$300,000 Settlement

School bus driver negligence causes accident resulting in fractured hip.

$300,000 Settlement

Two female employees were sexually harassed by their supervisor and passed over for promotion when they rebuffed his advances.

$220,000 Settlement

Tractor trailer accident resulting in neck and arm surgery.

$200,000 Settlement

Customer received severe blow to the head at merchandise store resulting in neck surgery.

$200,000 Settlement

Serious crush injuries to minor child’s feet from faulty masonry at car wash where wall of bricks fell onto child’s feet.

$200,000 Jury Verdict

Female injured in auto collision resulting in neck injuries requiring epidural injections.