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When you have an elderly parent or relative who is in need of temporary or permanent healthcare, you rely on the professionals who run the hospital or assisted living facility to ensure that he or she is receiving everything that he or she needs. Which is why so many people are horrified when they find that their elderly loved ones have acquired bedsores or pressure sores from lack of proper turning in beds and wheelchairs. If you or your elderly or injured relative has experienced bedsores, pressure sores, or pressure ulcers while residing at a hospital, nursing home, or assisted living facility, the Corbin, KY personal injury firm of Freeman Childers, Attorneys at Law can assist you with your case.

Injuries Related to Neglect

Bedsores and pressure sores develop when the skin experiences constant pressure in one area. Elderly individuals are particularly vulnerable to this condition. Doctors, nurses, and nursing home staff are familiar with this phenomenon and are trained to prevent it. To combat pressure sores, bedsores, and skin ulcers, the staff should be instructed to routinely shift the patient’s body to change the points of contact. The occurrence of these types of injuries is an obvious sign of patient neglect. Our personal injury attorneys have experience investigating claims of nursing home and ALF neglect. We will get you or your relative the compensation that you deserve.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys of Corbin, KY

When you come to our Corbin, KY office for your free consultation, we will review the evidence you have of nursing home neglect. If there are bedsores or pressure sores, we will have them photographed for courtroom presentation. If your relative is still under the care of the facility that allowed him or her to get bedsores, we will advise you on immediate corrective action. Our priority is the safety of you and your family. Once that is assured, we will work on getting compensation for recovery, as well as for the pain and suffering or even loss of life you or your relative endured.

Protect Your Loved One

To schedule an appointment with a Corbin, KY personal injury attorney who is familiar with bedsores, pressure sores, and neglect-related ulcers, call us at our Corbin office. The number is 606-503-0521.