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Corbin Attorneys Litigating Negligent Security Claims

Protecting Fellow Kentuckians from those Failing to Maintain a Safe and Secure Venue Location

The owners of premises and businesses have the responsibility to provide a certain level of safety to the patrons, clients, and guests who frequent their establishments. Depending on the nature of the property or business, one of the ways that managers attempt to accomplish this is by employing security personnel. However, not all security officers, bodyguards, and bouncers are trained professionals. Oftentimes, the actions or incompetence of security employees result in injuries to innocent bystanders. If you’ve been injured directly or indirectly due to the actions of a business’s security personnel, you should contact Freeman Childers, Attorneys at Law immediately.

Attorneys Representing Injured Individuals in Kentucky

At the Corbin, KY personal injury firm of Freeman Childers, our attorneys represent individuals who have been injured by security employees or have been hurt as a result of incompetent actions on the part of security personnel. This includes:

  • Injuries due to improper escort techniques
  • Failure on the part of security to provide protection
  • Injuries caused by indirect involvement in a security altercation
  • Bouncer ejection related injuries
  • Crowd control failure
  • Allowing weapons onto the premises
  • Refusal to notify police
  • Failure to contact medical rescue in a timely manner
  • Injuries from impact weapons, electronic devices, and chemical sprays used or deployed by security guards
  • Guard dog bites
  • Gunshot wounds

Whether you were the target of a security action, you were injured while security guards were attempting to deal with a situation, or you were hurt because security failed to act, you should contact a Freeman Childers personal injury lawyer immediately.

Liability of Shop Keepers and Other Premise Owners

The law requires businesses that maintain premises to ensure the safety of their patrons. However, managers often place profitability above safety and hire cut rate security personnel to create the illusion of protection for their customers. And when things go awry, people are often injured. If you have been injured while at a business or on the property of another, and you believe that your injury could have been prevented by increased or improved security, contact the Corbin, KY personal injury firm of Freeman Childers, Attorneys at Law.

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